Great place, my kids love their teachers. They’re very kind, patient and loving. Defenily a place to belong.
Sandra M
Master king is so kind and amazing with the kids. We love it here.
Jennifer S.
Master King is awesome with the kids. My kids love the place and good life lessons taught everyday to the kids. 
Pinder N.
My 13 year-old son started taking classes at King’s 9 years ago. He’s now a 2nd degree black belt, and still trains with Master King. The studio, instructors, everything about King’s is positive and motivates students to reach for their best. We couldn’t imagine life without King’s and Master King’s wonderful influence. 
Tricia P.
My daughter started martial arts at the age 4 @Kings Martial Arts, and right from the beginning she loved and enjoyed every minute of it. Now she’s being trained for her Black Belt test, thanks to all her loving, patient, and of course, knowledgeable instructors. 
Behar B.
I highly recommend Kings Martial Arts Academy to anyone who is interested in learning both this art and science. I have come to know many of the BB Instructors. All are extremely professional and skilled in all aspects of self-defense including technique and form. My son thoroughly enjoys each session and has gained a high degree of self-respect and confidence. Many thanks to Master King, Michael, Maria, Johnny and Nathan.
Stephen P.
Master King is an excellent instructor an trainer in both martial arts and character development. He and his instructors have served our kids well, who have been training with him for over 6 years. They are now black belt level students who continue to grow in confidence and skill and character. Highly recommend KMA.
Eddy S.
We LOVE Kings. Nick and Tommy have both taken classes there. Johnny and Master King have both really helped build Tommy’s confidence.
Michelle M.
My kids are in love with TAEKWANDOO because of the instructors , discipline , positive attitude and fun too . Master King and Coach Michael Quintana both with other coaches and team made it possible for any kid to earn black belt with hard work . My older kid is a black belt after 4&1/2 years and little one will be training in summer for Black Belt exam . Thank you to all of them for their love and patience with kids. Regards to whole team. 
Manpreet K.
My son has been training at King’s for over 9 years. Master King has always offered wonderful training for the lower belts, but recently he has also been focusing on the needs of the higher ranking students. He has implemented more advanced classes and is offering new weapons training and techniques, more training and practice on the higher taeguks, and more challenges for the black belt level students. Many of the students who reached black belt level tended to drop out of training soon after receiving their black belts due to boredom or lack of challenge. I think the new changes will help students stayed motivated for many more years. 
Cathy H.