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Welcome to King’s Martial Arts

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our martial arts instructors and program directors are standing by to assist you in enrolling into a program that is the perfect fit! Changing Lives Martial Arts is located in the beautiful Blossom Valley area of San Jose. With a 1800 ft. facility, there is plenty of training space for each class. Changing Lives Martial Arts offers, karate kid classes, elementary aged karate kid programs, family martial art classes, traditional MMA classes and Hapkido classes and certification. Changing Lives King’s Martial Arts founder, Grand Master Jeff King is a 9th Degree Black Belt Master.

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About Our School

Skill levels range from beginner through intermediate and advanced to professional competition. Regardless of your abilities, achieving your perfect level of fitness, coupled with the most effective self-defense techniques, is the ultimate goal. King’s Martial Arts assist you toward reaching this goal.

For adults, emphasis is on achieving peak fitness using a systematic regimen of techniques which maximize aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, endurance, and self-defense skills. Classes are led by highly-experienced trainers who key into your goals and keep you motivated in a dedicated pursuit of obtaining optimal physical and mental health coupled with increased vitality.

For children, our specialized program offers a safe, fun and exciting environment. They learn self-discipline, the ability to set and achieve goals, and a powerful sense of accomplishment. Non-aggressive methods of handling bullying situations are also of substantial importance. King’s Martial Arts Traditional Mixed Martial Arts instills high moral values, self-defense skills, and a persistent spirit which will last a lifetime.

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Why Choose King's Martial Arts Academy?

We teach with lot’s of T.L.C

Please ask us how we can help you. This is what strive for. To give all of our students the care they deserve

We teach with a positive attitude so students can live with a positive attitude

This is not a sport. We offer traditional martial arts. Thus students are not compared to each other. They are encourage to look on how they can better themselves without comparing themselves to others. This is on of the main factors on how our students shine. Our goal is to encourage not discourage. Our staff of instructors are caring and give lot’s of love to our students.


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My son loves it here. Master King is so amazing with all those kids and just a super nice guy. It is a drive for us all the way from Los Gatos but it is worth it. So happy I found this place and my son has flourished in all aspects since starting here. Thank Continue Reading

Farinaz T. May 7, 2019

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